English Summer Town

Friday, February 17, 2006

More Pictures from English Summer Town '06

Kay Forsyth (Utah State University) leads in the afternoon activity ¨Folk Dance Workshop- An historical perspective.¨

Catherine Caldwell (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) gives a workshop on teaching listening through film clips.

Dr. Cheryl Ernst (Southern Illinois Univ, Carbondale) helps teachers develop learning guides to integrate skill building.

Diana Moss (Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program 2005-06) gives a workshop on food.

Edward Butterfield (Fulbright ETA 2005) and Heather Marrison (Coordinator, Fulbright Chile) give information and answer questions about the Fulbright program at the Cultural Fair.

Janet Kading (Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program 2005-06) gives a workshop on celebrations.

Meredith Lade (Australia TESOL Training Center) works with teachers in her workshop on ¨Communication in Action: Pronunciation, Music, and Speaking


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