English Summer Town

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

English Summer Town 2006 in pictures

Left: Jamie Pehl, Paul Lamontagne, Diana Moss
US Fulbright TEP 2005-2006
Right: Suzete Korchmaros, Janet Kading US TEP Fulbright TEP 2005-2006
and Edward Butterfield, US Fulbright ETA 2005
Anne Bliss (University of Colorado and Fulbrighter 2005) giving her presentation on ¨Wacky Theories, Weird Techniques, Peculiar Cultures and Fabulous English"
Carlos Vignolo (Universidad de Chile) discusses people's awareness of their emotions and being receptive to our world and surrounding environment.
Paul Lamontagne (Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program 2005-6) Gives a workshop on movies.

Jamie Phel (Fulbright Teaching Exchange Program 2005-6) gives a workshop on sports

Suzette Korchmaros (Fulbright Teaching Exchange Program 2005-6) leads a workshop on music


Anonymous Anonymous said...

El jamie fue buen profe aprendi mucho con el que pena que se fue ya de vuelta pa gringolandia

1:17 AM  

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