English Summer Town

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Need Your Help for English Summer Town!

Hello all English Summer Town Participants!
I hope that you found this blog. Hopefully this space can serve as an area to continue communication between English teachers from all over Chile.
So to help get this blog moving, I'm writing because I need your help. Currently I am writing an article for the Fulbright Newsletter about English Summer Town, as well as drafting a proposal to ask for funding to continue the program next year. Your feedback and comments will be very helpful - not only for quotes for my article, but to continue to improve the quality of the program for years to come. I hope to hear from all of you at this site!

Edward Butterfield

Monday, January 30, 2006

Welcome to the English Summer Town Blog!

Sponsored by MINEDUC and the Fulbright Commission Chile, ENGLISH SUMMER TOWN is just one of the many initiatives designed to foster and support the professional development of English as a Foreign Language in Chile.

This blog has been created as a meeting place for the participants of English Summer Town. We invite you to share photos and experiences, and to make professional connections and share teaching ideas with other Chilean teachers of English.

For a summary of the English Summer Town 2006 events and to view more photos, Visit MINEDUC Online!

To view and download all the presentations from English Summer Town 2006, Visit ComisiĆ³n Fulbright Chile Online!